Friday, August 6, 2010

Plain and Dry please

Recently my beloved wife came up with the idea that I need my fiber in our diets. Last night I think she asked if I wanted flaxseed on our chicken or something to that effect ... don't ask me for details because I think I overdosed on flaxseed. Overall I tend to be a selective eater and I usually won't eat things I don't want no matter how hard I am pushed to eat it. If you are what you eat then I should be a flaxseed any day now.

The other day we were at lunch and I placed chips in my sandwich and took a bite. My co-worker looked at me with a what planet are you from look. My thought is you put some pretty nasty veggies in your sandwich so what standard are you judging me by ... ha! I thought I would share my method to eating sandwichs with you so you can learn to eat new things such I am doing. Follow the steps below and you can be just like me.

1. Order your sandwich, or prepare yourself, and lay it flat. See picture below.

2. Take your bag of chips and place chips inside the sandwich (see pictures below for example). You have just added a bit of spice to your life and your friends will be impressed by your good measure of intellegence. Enjoy!

The Clumsy Tech


  1. I read tonight that 9 out of 10 americans do not eat enough fiber. I'm doing you a favor